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Školicí Centrum Samechov


Školicí Centrum Samechov

Samechov 50, Chocerady, 257 24
The owner is verified in the registers and has a verified future income after the reconstruction
Annual rate
9 %
Investment period
30 months
100 % / 100 %
13 945 000 Kč / 14 000 000 Kč
otevřen pro investice

Project description

Short summary

We decided on the Samechov hotel project for several reasons. The first of them is our vision to have real estate in our portfolio, which we will manage for a long time and increase their yield. Another reason is, of course, the beautiful hotel building which served as an infirmary during the First Republic. Today, the building serves as a training center in which conferences can be held for up to 127 people.

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Investment plan

The main investment plan of the Training Center in Samechov is the medium- and long-term holding of a yield property. The building does not require renovation and is in very good and maintained condition.

The main potential is to increase the annual average occupancy of the training center, which has so far been only around 20%. The advantage is that the hotel and training center is used exclusively by Czech clients, which include, for example, Porsche CR, Dejvické Theater, SŽDC, Unicredit, ČMZRB, Globus ČR and many others. The hotel has not been significantly used for family recreation, or for celebrations, weddings and events, for which it has ideal conditions due to its location and equipment.

The potential to increase revenues also includes an adjustment of the average price per room, which is CZK 1,186 below the average of comparable projects in the area.

Borrower Track Record

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Střední riziko - development

Local Market

Stable: 12 month market time
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Project milestones

Investment Opening First Tranche
Launch of the reservation system
Grand opening party
Commencement of reconstruction
Completion of the reconstruction
Investment Opening for refinancing First Tranche
End of investment Second Tranche

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