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Basic registration in 30 seconds

Registration is easy and without any obligation. Get instant access to investment opportunities.

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View and select verified projects

For all projects, you will find the complete information needed to make investment decisions. From a clearly described investment plan to a description of the property itself with all the necessary attachments. Everything in one place and instantly.

Step 3

Invest. Sign your documents digitally - securely online.

After selecting a project in which you want to invest simply sign the investment contract electronically. It takes less than ten minutes to finalize your investment, including reviewing the legal document.


Step 4

Transfers of funds

Submit your investment via bank transfer. Accounts are secured by bank-level security measures and your investment information is stored in encrypted data storage systems.

Step 5

Get interest on your invested funds, monitor the development of your projects.

In the occollo platform, you can monitor the movements and returns of your investments online. The system is fully automated and secure.

Step 6

Collect your returns or reinvest!

During or after the project, you simply collect the proceeds or you can decide to reinvest the money. All documents are available to you in the system free of charge at any time.

Step 1

Fill in the funding application documents

Give us basic information about yourself, your funding needs and your project, including whether it is a rental or a commercial property. This will allow us to get a better idea of what you are trying to achieve.


Step 2

Discuss the opportunity

We will contact you and discuss your project and financing needs in more detail. We will answer all questions which you  may have and we will find out if we are the best choice for your project.

Step 3

Due diligent process

We will perform a due diligence process and review all required documentation including assessment. Our process is transparent, we do not charge unsolicited or hidden fees of any kind.

Step 4

Get financing

As an intermediary, occollo charges a processing fee (up to a maximum of 0.5% of the loan, which is the standard price in the bank). After approving the offer and signing the documentation for financing your project occollo charges a fee of 2% of the total amount.


Step 5

Take responsibility

You are directly responsible for payments to investors on an agreed basis (monthly, quarterly or after the end of the project investment). Monitor the project, loan repayments and communication with investors.

Occollo is here for you.

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