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Koterovská Apartments

Koterovská 93/4, Plzeň, 326 00
Annual rate
7 %
Investment period
30 months
2% při dodržení investičního horizontu
104 %
18 125 000 Kč / 17 500 000 Kč
the investment is over
The owner is verified in the registers and has a verified future income after the reconstruction
Projekt je uzavřen pro investice
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Koterovská 93/4, Plzeň, 326 00
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Risk profile

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Local Market

Stable: 12 month market time
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Project updates and reports

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Project milestones

  • 27/6/2022Opening of the investment
  • 28/6/2022Signing of the Purchase Agreement
  • 25/9/2022End of investment
  • 30/9/2022Taking over the property into administration
  • 30/10/2022Start of renovation of vacant apartments
  • 30/11/2022Declaration of the owner after surveying the floor area
  • 1/12/2022Commencement of sales of selected units