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House - Doubravská 86, Kostomlaty nad Labem


House - Doubravská 86, Kostomlaty nad Labem

Doubravská 86, Kostomlaty nad Labem, 289 21
The owner is verified in the registers and has a verified future income after the reconstruction
Annual rate
10 %
Investment period
12 months
100 % / 100 %
4 650 000 Kč / 4 650 000 Kč
otevřen pro investice

Project description

The subject of the investment is a property located in the village of Kostomlaty nad Labem, on Doubravská street. The building with the identification number 86 (registered in the Land Registry as an apartment building) is a detached, brick, multi-storey construction with a tile roof.

Investment plan

Both residential units are rented based on lease agreements. The house will be used for long-term rental.

Borrower Track Record

Zkušený obchodník s nemovitostmi
Střední riziko

Local Market

Stable: 12 month market time
Střední riziko

Project milestones

Repayment of Investment

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