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House- Chlumčanská 230 ,Cítoliby


House- Chlumčanská 230 ,Cítoliby

Chlumčanská 230, Cítoliby, 439 02
The owner is verified in the registers and has a verified future income after the reconstruction
Annual rate
9 %
Investment period
24 months
100 % / 100 %
4 375 000 Kč / 4 374 000 Kč
úspěšně realizován

Project description

The subject family house is located at the end of a cul-de-sac as a semi-detached house. The family home is mostly basemented, has one above-ground floor, and a utilized attic. In the house, you will find on the 1st basement floor: 4x cellar, 1x hallway; on the 1st floor: vestibule, hallway, bathroom, toilet, room, kitchen, pantry, utility room, and staircase; in the attic: hallway, 3x room, bathroom, toilet, terrace. To the east of the family house stands a brick storage shed with an attached pergola, mainly to the north of the family house is a garden. The property is connected to the public sewerage, water from the public network, electrical installation is in place, and gas is connected. The total built-up area of the family house is 125 m², floor area is 192.15 m², of which the living area (excluding basement and terrace) is 144.05 m².

Investment plan

Advantageous purchase of a family house with a total area of 192 m² for the purpose of long-term rental.


Purchase price of the property   4 860 000,- CZK


Price per square meter 25 640 ,-CZK


Minimum investment 25 000 ,-CZK

Borrower Track Record

Nemovitost v našem vlastnictví
Střední riziko

Local Market

Stable: 12 month market time
Nízké riziko

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