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Tylova Apartments

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Tylova Apartments

Tylova 390, Kutná Hora, 284 01
The owner is verified in the registers and has a verified future income after the reconstruction
Annual rate
9 %
Investment period
30 months
102 % / 100 %
7 662 000 Kč / 7 500 000 Kč
the investment is over

Project description

The building in the centre of Kutná Hora was built in 1938 as a bank building. It is a functionalist building with 4 floors (1 PP and 3 NP). The majority of rental space consists of offices, bank premises and a fitness centre on the 1st floor. A complete reconstruction of the building took place in 1993. In 2011, extensive building modifications were carried out on the 2nd floor and in 2012 the reconstruction of a gas boiler room with condensing boilers. The building is generally in excellent and regularly maintained condition.


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Investment plan

There is no investment plan for the project.

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